2 Ways to Have Better Quiet Times

Have you ever struggled to have a quiet time? In the Christian world it is common for us to encourage believers to have a quiet time with the Lord and really all we are saying by this is “go and read a couple verses in your Bible, and pray for a little bit.” This “quiet time” is meant to fill us up for the day and help us to walk in step with the Lord day in and day out.

But for some reason I have been struggling recently with having a meaningful quiet times. It has felt as though I just can’t seem to connect with the Lord in a meaningful way that is transforming my outlook on the world around me. I wrote a blog months ago entitled “3 Reasons You Need Time Alone” and I have been feeling recently like my greatest need is just that; time alone.

It seems like although we want to have a quiet time we refuse to truly have one of the primary ingredients, quiet. We refuse to turn our phone off because after all, our Bible is on our phone, our music is on our phone, and if we read a good verse we will have to tweet it immediately. So as we are reading through the God breathed words of scripture we are constantly faced with the dinging or buzzing of our phones and it is killing our ability to focus on what the Lord has to say to us. Ultimately the first thing I think we need to do in order to have better quiet times is to turn off the noise and just enjoy some quiet.

The second thing we need to do in order to have better quiet times is to focus on the second ingredient. Once we have established “quiet” we need to put in the “time.” For whatever reason we have determined that in our fast paced world we do not have time to spend with the Lord. We try to jam in a 15 minute time of Bible study right before work but if we run out time we tell ourselves it’s no big deal.

I think that we all need to intentionally approach our quiet times without a watch, clock, phone, or computer and we need to rest quietly in the Lord for as long as we can. When we look at the scriptures it is pretty clear that even Jesus needed times of solitude. If the Savior that we follow had meaningful quiet times, maybe we should focus on doing the same.

Share below in the comments what you read today as a part of your quiet time!

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  1. Seriously so simple but I am so guilty of taking a picture of my Bible whenever I read it. Even if I just open it for a verse and then close it right away and don’t even spend five minutes in the Scripture. Quite and Time. GOOD WORDS SIR!