3 Reasons Why You Don’t Feel Close to God

We have all had a time in our Christian life in which if asked we would most certainly say we believed in Jesus but we just didn’t feel all that close to Him. I think this feeling is completely natural and often times has a lot to do with the things that we aren’t doing. I have boiled this thought down to three reasons why we probably feel distant from God and while I know these may not ring true for everyone; I think it applies to the majority of us.

You Lack a Daily Quiet Time With the Lord

It seems like most times when I speak with someone who feels like they aren’t close to God and I ask them if they read the Bible and pray daily their answer is usually; no. To me, this seems like the most obvious reason that we would feel far away from God because if we are not reading the love letter (Bible) that He has provided to us, how can we ever really know who He is and what He is like? It’s almost as if we want to feel close to the Lord but we aren’t willing to put in the time to grow that relationship. If that is where we stand, we may need to reevaluate our “relationship” with Him completely.

You Don’t Really Want to Be Close to Him

While the feeling of being far away from God may not be desirable, for a person who is young in their faith and not actively studying the Word it may feel less stressful to continue to live apart from God. Yes, most Christians understand that God is good, and He cares for us but young Christians especially struggle with giving God access to changing their life. The changes that can come in the life of a Christian can be daunting and challenging and sometimes the fear of these changes can unintentionally cause us to shut the Lord out.

 You Have Fooled Yourself

The final reason that I feel like we often times don’t believe we are close to God is because we have fooled ourselves. We have been told that going to Church would cultivate our relationship with God but more times than not just going to church falls short. We have come to believe that if our faith exists on Sunday morning then our relationship with the Lord will be strong throughout the week. This has left us lost, looking for God, and feeling distant from Him.

If you feel as though you are far from God you need to first determine the reason and then put in the effort to fix it. We must cultivate our relationship with the Lord in the same way that we must grow our relationship with a spouse, family member, friend, and anyone else. If we put in the effort, He will make himself known to us, and that will make it all worth it.

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