3 Reasons You Need Time Alone

Have you ever felt like the weight of the world was on your shoulders? If I don’t pay this bill… If I don’t pass this class… If I don’t make them happy… There are alot of days that I feel like inevitably I’m going to let someone down and I think that many of my friends struggle with this thought also. If we take a look at the scripture however, I think it is safe to say that in his humanity Jesus may have felt the same way.

Think about it. For Jesus to save us from our sins he had to be completely pure. He literally couldn’t mess up (even in the smallest way) or all of the world would be faced with the penalty of sin (eternal separation from God) with absolutely no way to fix it. If we feel a lot of responsibilities in our life, how much greater were these feelings in the life of Jesus?

I think that in scripture we also see a clear picture of how Jesus refocused himself day after day so that he would be able to accomplish the task that was set before him. Yes, Jesus lived his life in community but Jesus also intentionally took time for himself. 

If Jesus needed time away from the world, why should we think we are any different? But in some desperate attempt to get the most out of life we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot by living in constant contact with other people. 

Here are three reasons why I believe we all need to get away on a daily basis.

1) To Have Time Away From Outside Influences

Whether we realize it or not we are constantly being influenced by many things. Our relationships, our jobs, our phones, our entertainment, and even our church can have a tendency to demand more attention from us than they really deserve. None of these things are inherently bad but I believe a little bit of quiet time away from these things on a daily basis would help to clear our minds and organize our thoughts. In doing that we would begin to realize that the pressure we let the world put on us is totally unnecessary.

2) To Connect With The Lord

Good luck spending any uninterrupted time in prayer if you are in constant contact with other people. I know that the one thing in my walk with the Lord that has always been weak is my prayer life. I think we would all be wise to intentionally follow the example of Jesus before he is handed over to be crucified and find some peace in speaking with the Lord and ignoring contact from other people during that time.

3) To Not Burn Out

The final reason that I think we all need some time alone on a daily basis is so that we don’t get burnt out on relationships. I know that personally it is exhausting to me to constantly be around people. I need daily time to myself so that when I’m around other people I will be able to truly enjoy that time with them! If I lack energy and desire to be around others it will be extremely difficult for me to truly listen and care about them. 

To be clear, I do not advocate for a life filled with “Netflix and chill” but I do advocate for a life where we intentionally take time every day to let the Lord fill us up. It’s okay to go off by yourself. The world didn’t end when Jesus did it, and it definitely won’t end if you do it as well. 

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