3 Ways That Cutting Cable Will Improve Your Life

Have you ever thought about getting rid of television? When I first had the idea to do this I thought that I was going insane. But now I think that this notion is way more common than people let on.

When we mention cutting cable people typically give a sarcastic response and begin to pretend like we are going insane. Even my own dad acted like I was becoming Amish and going back in time. He thought I had totally lost my mind.

My dad’s most common statement was “how will you know what is going on in the world without the news?” Thankfully, the modern accessibility of the internet does a pretty good job of helping me stay informed. The Fire TV Stick equipped with Netflix and Hulu can get you most of your favorite shows also!

Since cutting cable I have really begun feeling like the benefits outweigh the cons and I have highlighted three distinct ways that getting rid of cable has helped me, and will without a doubt benefit you!

1. More Money
This first one was ultimately the reason I decided to cut cable but it is by no means the reason that I have continued to live cable free. At the time that I decided to cut cable, I immediately began saving around $60 a month and was able to find a better use for that money. If my savings continue for a year I would end up having $720 to spend on something that would genuinely add value to my life. No matter how you look at it, this will always be a benefit.

2. Less Information
I know this seems weird to consider this being a benefit but honestly having less information to process on a daily basis has really helped me be less stressed out. The mental noise that we feel every day can be debilitating and I have found that the news, commercials, and television shows that were being dumped into my mind were not only annoying but also causing me to have a lot more anxiety than I generally do.

3. More Time
Since cutting cable I have found that I have a lot more time to spend with my family, friends, or with the Lord. Not only that but I have also become way more productive in my job duties and have even seen much better readership on my blogs. To me this is extremely fulfilling because now I am creating rather than consuming and I feel as though my time is being better spent.

I once heard it said that we are all given the exact same 24 hours every day and how we choose to spend them is up to us. As for me, I have decided that relationships are a better way to invest time than mindlessly watching the television.

Have you ever considered getting rid of T.V? What is stopping you? What are some other benefits you have seen by cutting cable yourself?

Comment below and share your views on cutting cable!

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  1. Thanks, Dylan! Exactly what I needed to hear. This was straight confirmation from Him. Couldn’t have been better timed. I recently toiled with the idea of waking up at 5am to read the news right before I worked out. I tried it while I’ve been on vacation. I found that it only made me feel more groggy throughout the day and I felt this heaviness on my mind that took away from my time with the Lord. It’s so easy to want to jump on the bandwagon and consume information from the media because I am someone that LOVES knowledge. Now, I have more time to increase in the knowledge of Jesus rather than the knowledge of the world. Thank you so much!