3 Ways to Shine Your Light

So often we talk about how dark of a place our world is. I feel like each one of us wants to see this changed, but we usually have no idea where we would even start. There is so much pain, brokenness, and sin in our world that to think of it ever getting any better seems to be totally unrealistic. 

The Bible does tell us that the Church should be like a city set on hill. We should be shining our light into the furthest and darkest corners of the world! Can you imagine what our communities would like if we would just live up to the calling that we have received? As I was thinking about this I believe there are three simple ways that we can begin to be a light to our world starting today.

1. Love God

I know. This sounds super remedial but I think this is an area in which many Christians fail! We often times say that we love God but we don’t let His Word change our lives and we end up living in a way that opposes Him. It’d be like if I told everyone that I loved my fiancé but I did all the things that I knew annoyed and hurt her. If we would just start with this basic action, to love God, our actions would slowly but surely align more with His will.

2. Love People

Despite our best attempts the Church very rarely shows genuine love to all the other people that we share the world with. This is in direct opposition to what Jesus said when He told us to “love your neighbor as yourself.” It’s extremely sad that the Christian Church is known for our stance on “sin” when we should be known for our stance on forgiveness. If we were loving people the way that we were called too I really doubt we would hear such negative things about Jesus and His Church. The world would begin to understand that we are all broken and we all need a Savior.

3. Get in the Game

My final way that we can shine our light is to stop sitting on the sidelines. So many Christians refuse to share the Gospel or have difficult conversations because they are afraid of what the world would think. We have to remember that if we don’t have tough conversations our friends and family will not spend eternity in Heaven with the Lord. That should be frightening and should serve as motivation for us. Personally, I’m not content with knowing that I had the chance to help people, and I didn’t take it.

Whether we realize it or not, the Church is intended to be a major catalyst for changing our world. To maintain the fatalistic view that “nothing can save us now” is ridiculous because as long as the Gospel is being proclaimed there is still room for massive revival in our world. I hope we realize that there is still time to introduce the people around us to Jesus. 

So today, shine your light. Love God, love people, and start changing the world. It’s your calling.

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