Functional or Fashionable

We live in a time in which we have been blessed with many tools to make our lives easier. It is obvious that when observing the invention of the smartphone this piece of technology has helped us in many ways.

It is now much easier to check our calendar because of smartphones.  It is now much easier to take a picture and share it with friends because of smartphones. It is even easier now to communicate with others around the world  because of smartphones. 


Do we really need a newer and better front facing camera?

Do we really need double the storage space?

Do we really need a different colored phone?

If we are being honest with ourselves we are constantly chasing after the newer, bigger, and better thing; not for functionality purposes but rather for fashionability. After all, if there is a new model out and we don’t have it we will inevitably feel left behind. Because that is how the advertising companies want us to feel.

A shirt serves the same purpose whether it comes from Goodwill or from American Eagle. A smartphone serves the same purpose whether it is from 2017 or 2015. A letter served the same purpose 20 years ago that a text message serves today. Despite having less fashionable items, our grandparents and great grandparents were able to survive.

Minimalism to me is not about getting rid of everything you own. Rather, it is about understanding that a perceived lack of fashionability does not diminish the functionality of an item. As a minimalist I am starting to understand that chasing after fashionability is taking away my time and it is hindering my ability to appreciate the functionality of the things that I already own.

Next time you go to purchase an item ask yourself; Am I purchasing this for functionality or fashionability? There is nothing wrong with buying something new so long as you are not doing so just because the world is telling you to.

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