How Much is Enough?

Have you ever asked yourself how much you really needed to live?

Sometimes when reevaluating our jobs, our budgets, or just our consumption habits we will ask ourselves this question. Our answers usually vary, but typically they have some of the same elements.

I need food.
I need water.
I need shelter.
I need clothes.

When we figure out what is a necessity for our lives, we are then able to figure out what is excess. Click To Tweet

I need food, but I don’t always need to eat out.
I need water, but I don’t always need Starbucks.
I need shelter, but I don’t need a mansion.
I need clothes, but I don’t need to fill a walk-in closet.

Too much of a good thing can prove detrimental to how we are living our lives. If we start to mistake our wants with our needs our budgets will begin to raise and our ability to enjoy simple things will be diminished.

While I need to communicate with other people I’m not sure that I need a $800 phone to do so. And while I need to know what is going on in the world I’m not sure that I need 2 giant televisions in one house.

Our world has done a good job of selling us a bunch of things that we don’t actually need to have. We have become a consumer culture and this is going to change only when we start to determine that we are living an excessive lifestyle. We need to be careful not to confuse our basic needs with our excessive wants.

If we live a simple life we can begin to give sacrificially so that others may have the basics as well. Click To Tweet

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