Living in a Landfill

Have you ever felt as though life was constantly becoming more and more difficult? As the clutter, noise, worries, doubts, and trials continually build up on top of us it is extremely easy for us to begin feeling like there is no way out of this desperate and dark place. As we look around at the world in the early 2000’s most of us are living better than the kings and queens of the past could have ever imagined. And yet, something still feels broken. Click to Tweet

While we sit in our air conditioned houses, with our multiple bathrooms, our running water, and more square footage than we could every dream of what to do with, we still feel this overwhelming sense of helplessness, depression, and anxiety.

But shouldn’t we have expected this? Our discontent has been around for all of human history. Why would we think that our lives would feel any different? Our parents and grandparents warned us that life would hurt but for some reason we have fallen into the same reckless patterns that lead to the same pain that has been felt for generations before us.

Here is the part that we don’t want to hear though.

This is all our fault.

I know that you probably believe you are without blame. But in reality, our mindless wandering and consumption is the reason that we are here. We are constantly looking for the thing that will fix our lives, but everything new thing adds another element of pain that we are unprepared to deal with and when it fails to provide the life that we are wanting, we go back to square one and add something new.

From the moment that we are born until the moment we die, we are constantly being viewed as sub-human. As a set of data to be exploited for as much money as humanly possible.

Whether we realize this or not, to an advertising consultant, or marketing specialist your likes and dislikes are continually being reevaluated and analyzed. The worst part about it though is that this is not happening so that you can become attracted to something that will genuinely make your life better. It is occurring because by nature we are constantly desirous of more, bigger, and better and these companies want your money.

From the toys that you played with during childhood, to the car that you drive during your adult life, and even the casket that you will be buried in.

Everything has been manufactured not for your good but for the good of those who are making their living off of you. And while some products have improved our lives, they have never fixed it. The reality is that we are choosing most things based on their fashionability rather than their functionality.

But no matter how good we feel when we first get it, the thing always leaves us empty.

And yet, every time a new model of iPhone comes out we determine that this new camera, new color, or new set of apps will finally fix our lives.

But it never has before, and it never will.

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