If you’re anything like me, the smallest noises have the power of disrupting whatever you are doing. It seems like one of the biggest differences between our world now and world portrayed in old television shows and stories of the good old days is the increase of noise.

As I sit near my favorite coffee shop; the conversations, the espresso machine, Bon Jovi playing through the speakers, and the humming of cars driving outside are all echoing through my mind and vying for my attention. But this experience of being overwhelmed by noise is something that we have become accustomed to. The radio, the television, our smartphones, and the companies trying to sell us a new smartphone are always fighting for our attention and I am finding that sometimes we just need silence.

While many people feel the same way it often times seems completely unachievable to have silence in our lives and to collect our thoughts. Maybe the reason for this is that we aren’t truly willing to disconnect. Maybe we are fearful of disconnecting because we believe that we will miss out on something important. But personally I am finding that the clutter and the noise are actually the primary causes of the mental fog that has led to me participating in many conversations that I forget about the moment they are over. This same mental fog has led me to a place in my life in which I’ve decided that enough is enough.

It’s time to minimize the noises in our lives so that we can begin to tune into the people that are actually important. Our spouse, our kids, the hurting, the broken, the outcast, the lonely, the anxious, the depressed. They deserve our attention exponentially more than the ad companies and the repeated dinging of iPhones.

When we reduce the noise in our lives, we can increase our love for the people around us because now, for the first time, we may finally hear them clearly.

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  1. So true. Since I get migraines, I have had to think lately about the influence of all five senses. It’s important to be mindful of the noise, smells, lights, and even tastes that we let into our lives.

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