A couple of days ago a friend of mine gave me a bracelet. No, I don’t usually wear bracelets, but this one looked pretty cool. You can find this bracelet for sale here. But if you’re uninterested, I’ll just describe it to you. The webbed bracelet is made up of varying shades of blue and white and is beautifully overlaid with the word “outlook.

Although I would not have bought this bracelet for myself I have been wearing it every day since, because as a Christian living in a middle class neighborhood in 21st century America I need to remember to refocus myself on an eternal outlook.

every. single. day.

Today as I complained to an Amazon sales rep, I looked down at my bracelet and was reminded that the Amazon Prime’s amazing benefit of two-day shipping is a luxury and not a necessity and while that special Teavana sugar could have really made my tea so much better, it too is not a necessity.

When I am reminded to refocus my outlook I am also reminded that there are people living all around the world that are starving both spiritually and physically. I am reminded that even though my lost Amazon package is upsetting to me, Jesus really doesn’t care about something that insignificant.

Why is that we are so obsessed with ourselves? That even though we live in one of the most prosperous time ever we can still find things to complain about all the time?

Meanwhile, some people have never had a good meal or a clean glass of water in their entire life. More importantly, they have never heard about the Jesus, the Living Water!

My challenge to all of us today is that we would refocus our outlook. Understand that the things in our lives that feel like they are going to crush us are no match for the power of Jesus. But also remember, that while Jesus does love us, He loves the rest of the world just as much. We are important to him, but we are no more important than anyone else.

When we gain a new outlook we can begin to view the world around us through the eyes of the Lord. In doing so we will realize that every life is important, and every one needs to feel the love of Jesus in their lives.

That is what truly matters.


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