Soda and Cigarettes

If I were to make the comment “Soda is bad for you” most people would tend to agree with me. In fact, I doubt there would be anyone that would argue that soda was an important part of a balanced diet. The amount of sugar in one can of soda usually exceeds the daily amount of sugar that we are supposed to consume and it is clear that this can be a catalyst for diabetes.

Likewise, if I made a similar statement about cigarettes most people would at least admit that studies have shown they can be detrimental to our health. Some may try to down play the effect that cigarettes have but at the end of the day no one would claim that smoking a pack a day has any health benefits. With the increased popularity of cigarettes came shocking studies that clearly showed a correlation between smoking and cancer.

So, why is it that despite knowing the consequences of excessive soda drinking and cigarette smoking people still do it? A lot.

While awareness on the risk of these products has increased there has been little to none effect on people still consuming these goods. We know that these products are killing us, and here I am, staring at the half empty two liter of Coke sitting on my kitchen table that I purchased just yesterday. 

But don’t get me wrong. I’m much less concerned about our physical health and much more concerned about spiritual health. The same destructive choices we make with soda and cigarettes translate over to how we treat sin. 

Although sin is often presented in an attractive way it is ultimately the reason for our separation from God. We believe sin will be enjoyable and despite knowing the consequences we still actively choose sin every day. 

In the same way that studies have shown a correlation between soda and diabetes and cigarettes and cancer the Bible provides an honest assessment on sin. Romans 6:23 gives the results of sin and states that “the consequence of sin is death.”

Thankfully there was an activist who came to the world to warn us of the consequences of sin. But not only that, because of the love he had for us he took the consequences on himself so we wouldn’t have to. Because of the work of Jesus on the cross we can now live free from the devastating effect of sin on our soul.

We must understand that our actions have consequences now and forever and we must start making decisions that are good for our eternal well being. If we know that sin is killing us, it’s time for us to admit our failures and lean on Jesus to break the addiction to sin that we all have. 

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