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Hi! My name is Dylan Frercks and I’m glad that you have made your way here to my blog. Whether by accident or on purpose you have decided to give me a little piece of your day and I am grateful that you are willing to read some of my ramblings.

On this blog, I am devoted to writing about three topics that are helping me to live my life to the fullest extent.

The first ingredient that I consider to be of utmost importance in my life is a reliance on the salvation work of Jesus. While I understand that many of you who will read this blog will not be Christians, I do believe that following Jesus is the only way to truly find life (both now an eternally). You can find blogs about Christian living, the Bible, and theology in regards to current events by clicking here.

The second thing that has proved helpful in my life is the practice of minimalism. While this may seem like a radical way of living, being a minimalist simply means that I am intentional about reducing clutter in my life so that I am able to focus on things that really matter. To follow my journey in minimalism or to read blogs pertaining to this lifestyle, click here.

The final thing that I am dedicated to writing about is the lost discipline of practicing solitude. Simply put, solitude is the practice of turning off noise produced by the world in order to focus on spiritual things. I have found that having a time of solitude every day really helps me collect my thoughts and allows my mind to be transformed by the Lord. This discipline of solitude has helped me to become more mindful in my every day life. You can find my blogs about solitude by clicking here.

Thanks again for taking the time to look through my blog. I pray that it helps you in more ways than one and that it will be a tool in finding a more meaningful life.