The Minimal Home Contract: Free Printable Download

One thing that I have found that can prove difficult in the task of trying to minimize the clutter in your life is getting your family on board. While my wife has had patience with me during this process there have definitely been times that I could have been nicer about her excessive amounts of t-shirts and bags.

It seems that when a family is all on the same page the process of removing clutter is much easier to accomplish. For that reason, I decided to type up a minimalist home contract. This contract is very basic but will at least do a good job in setting the expectation for what we should and should not be doing in regards to our family, their possessions, and the pace in which they are moving.

I think that simply implementing this contract without a little discussion first probably would not go over too well so I suggest that you do three things.

  1. Watch “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things” on Netflix.
  2. Sit down and talk about what your family values and goals are and how minimalism can help you accomplish them.
  3. Read through the contract, have a party (#snackfood), and sign it together to start your minimal home journey!

If you’re ready to get to work, click here to download the “Minimal Home Contract!

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